Our dedicated team of currency experts always have their eyes on the currency market, providing professional analysis of all the latest data and events and helping you to stay informed of the latest market movements.

Matt Andrews

Matt has seven years of experience as a FX analyst and now leads our team of currency experts at TorFX. Matt has a deep understanding of the intricacies of the currency market, which alongside his keen interest in politics and currency affairs, allows him to help shed light on how data and geopolitical events can influence FX dynamics.

When he’s not offering insights into how current global affairs might shape future currency movements, Matt can be found with his nose in a book or exploring the beautiful Chiltern hills.

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Samuel Birnie

Birnie joined TorFX in 2021, bringing a wealth of experience from his previous roles as a copywriter, content strategist and English teacher. With an analytical mind and a keen interest in politics and economics, Birnie quickly proved himself to be a talented FX analyst and has been honing his skills ever since.

Away from the office, Birnie spends most of his time playing with his two young children or rock climbing around Cornwall. Occasionally he might dust off his guitar and attempt to write a song.

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John Mulcahey

John has been providing currency analysis at TorFX since 2022. They pride themselves in being able to provide accurate insight into how data and global events can shape currency movements and making FX dynamics digestible to the average person.

When they aren’t exploring the ins and outs of foreign exchange, they can be found playing with their two cats, browsing record stores, or watching horror movies.

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Yasmine Arasteh

Yasmine is an English and Spanish graduate, who has joined TorFX recently as an FX analyst. With a passion for global politics, Yasmine aims to provide accurate insights as to how economic data and geopolitical events may impact the currency market.

In her free time, Yasmine enjoys spending time outdoors by the sea, reading, and practising yoga.

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Sarah Ebrahem

Sarah is a Journalism graduate with a background in finance who joined the team at TorFX in 2023. She has a keen interest in keeping up with current affairs and latest trends, alongside a real passion for world politics.

In her spare time, she can be found pursuing her musical theatre hobbies, playing one of her instruments, or exploring her new home and the Cornish beaches.

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